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Cloud Shaped Heart on SkyIf you ever meet my dad, and he feels like you’ve hit it off, he’s likely to start off small talk this way: “How’s your love life?”

That makes you cringe too, right?

(I’d like to pass this off as him being elderly, but he has said it for decades.)

I know it’s hard to imagine, but I have never asked that question. Of anybody. Ever.

But today, I’ll throw it out there: How’s your love life?

Feeling too self-conscious to walk up to that hot guy? Worried that the fun, sweet, witty man who seems to like you A LOT will stop liking you when you take off your clothes?

Unfortunately, far too many women are affected negatively by their body image. They have come to believe they need to be thinner to be happy. That they need to be thinner to be loved.

Tying your size to your worth can devolve to the point of real-life ramifications. Like not going up for a work promotion. Or taking yourself out of the dating game.

But what is “thinner?” Show me a room full of fashion models or ballerinas, and you will still have a room full of women who think they should be thinner.

If we keep this up, we will become invisible.

Know what’s sexier than a size 4 waist?Love Heart Represents






Whatever your size is, please stop hiding your awesome self. Focus more on feeling good than getting thin.

Say nice things about yourself. Say nice things about your body (yes – there are nice things!).

Stop dieting. And stop exercising with weight loss as the main goal.

Nourishing your body and moving with joy are far more sustainable than obsessing over calories, carbs, or your weight.

You deserve all good things. Right now.

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