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Do you still get this excited about cake?


I didn’t think so.





I’m Barb Spanjers, and I can help you heal your relationship with food and your body.

You can feel peaceful around any kind of food.*

*(Yup, even around cake.)

When’s the last time you enjoyed cake? Found it magical?

With no guilt.

With no plans to work extra hard at the gym to burn it off.

With no urge to devour the whole cake when no one was looking. You ate a slice, reveled in it, and then lost interest because you started to feel full.

It was that long ago, huh?

Maybe you don’t allow yourself to have certain foods around, because it’s too tempting.

Maybe you feel proud for turning down dessert at the restaurant with friends. But you end up eating a bunch of Twinkies in your car on the drive home.

And you tell yourself that you have no willpower.

So you plan to start fresh on Monday.

You will be disciplined – finally. This time, the program will work.


But here’s the truth:

No amount of kale will be satisfying if peanut butter is what would really hit the spot.

No amount of styrofoam rice cakes will be satisfying if what you’re actually hungry for is steak.

For sure, kale is nutritious, and you might even like it. But when you eat what you “should” instead of what you are hungry for, there’s a price to pay. Like overeating. Feeling out of control around food. Lower self-esteem.

We have been trained to believe that we should be able to control our hunger. Our food desires.

But actually, you have been training yourself to ignore your body.


And your body is pushing back.

Sound familiar?

  • You have no willpower around certain foods.
  • You think of food as your best friend and your worst enemy.
  • You feel guilty after eating your favorite foods.
  • You get mad at yourself for eating something unhealthy.
  • You’re really “good” around food in public, but it’s different at home.
  • You trust outside ways (like calories, fat grams, or points) instead of your body to tell you how much to eat.

Luckily, you can unlearn what’s getting in the way of you having a healthy relationship with food.

When we work together, I will help you to stop freaking out about food and weight.

To jump off the hamster wheel of body obsession.

To really enjoy a slice of cake – or bacon – or bread – or whatever your forbidden foods are.

To have better health.

To free up psychic energy to focus on what’s most important in life.

Because seriously, how many more rounds of weight loss and gain do you want to go through? How many more rounds of self-esteem gain and loss, too?

Spoiler alert: Your self-worth does not have to be tied to your jeans size.

I promise.

Hello + Welcome

Hello + Welcome

Hiya, I'm Barb Spanjers, a therapist and wellness coach who is passionate about helping you feel peaceful around food and in your body.

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I’m not too proud to say that I used to do crazy crash diets. (I’m talking about you, Banana-Hot Dog-Grapefruit Diet). I would wrap my hips and thighs in Saran Wrap to lose inches. This was going to be my ticket to a great life. And maybe it would give me the courage to ask my crush to the Sadie Hawkins dance. Mostly, I just got bad headaches and stomach pain. It sounds kind of pathetic. Or resourceful… read more

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