Barbara Spanjers

Respect your body. Love your food. Adore your life.

Tired of the weight loss promise du jour?

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It’s so much easier (and more effective) when we join forces.

After looking around this website, you probably have an idea that there is a different way you can be around food: happy, relaxed, easy-peasy.

But getting there is like swimming upstream. Our culture bathes us 24/7 in unrealistic body images and tells us we have to look a certain way to have value in the world. Without someone to walk with you down a different path, you are likely to stay in the same mindset that’s making you feel crummy right now.

So let’s walk together. Let’s make a different – positive! – path for you.

(Of course, if you really love starting fresh every Monday with a brand new this-time-it’s-gonna-work weight loss/perfect healthy eating plan, then this isn’t for you.)

Choose a time on the calendar below to chat by phone. We’ll talk about where you are in your relationship with food and your body, and see if it makes sense to work together. And if that’s not the right step for you at this time, I’ll help you figure out what is!

Looking forward to talking with you —




Meet Barb Spanjers

Barbara Spanjers

Barb uses her experience as a therapist and wellness coach to help women feel peaceful about food and in their bodies - so they can focus on what’s really important. She fears no food (except maybe beets) and loves helping others do the same.

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